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The LBC Women’s Ministry Team exists to REACH, TEACH, and UNLEASH women for the glory of Christ. We desire to reach so that lost are found, we teach to equip the found, and we desire to unleash so that every woman finds her place in God’s great plan to reach others.

At LBC, we believe that every believer is given gifts and abilities for God’s glory and the growth of His Kingdom. It is our desire to help every woman in our church get involved in missions and ministry to utilize their gifts, abilities, and talents for the good of our church body and the growth of the Kingdom of God. At LBC, we believe that you are MADE FOR MORE. And it is our desire to involve every woman in God’s great plan to REACH so the lost are found, TEACH so the found are equipped, and UNLEASH so the equipped are engaged.


Sunday School

Women of Faith
Barbara Porter | Via Zoom | 9:30am
Meeting On-Site beginning June 7 | 9:30am | Room 242

A place to connect and grow women in their faith in an interactive, topical Bible study.

Discipleship Classes

Join us for one of our many mid-week discipleship classes! We have something for every age and every walk of life! Click the button below to view all class listings and sign up.

Lenexa Baptist Church

Fellowship Olathe

Reach Church De Soto



9:30am | Women of Faith


Discipleship Class Options


Discipleship Class Options


Events are held each quarter to inspire, challenge and create moments of enjoyment for women as we share the love of God.


Kent Hackathorn

Discipleship Pastor

Bethany Morgan

Discipleship Admin

Faith McDonald

Women’s Ministry Director