Church Membership

To find fulfillment in life, every Christian needs to be part of a church family.  In order for LBC to accomplish all that God intends for us to as a church, we need those He sends to be committed family members, willing to share their gifts, abilities, personalities and experiences.  At Lenexa Baptist Church we encourage church membership as a first step of commitment to the church and the church family.


Lenexa Baptist believes church membership is a necessary and important step for every believer because it represents a statement of commitment to our Lord and Savior and to His church. To help you make an educated decision about membership at LBC, we encourage you to attend a special informational class, Membership at Lenexa Baptist. This informative class will help you understand our history, vision for the future, approach to ministry, and what we believe as a church.


  1. By Baptism:

If you are coming upon profession of faith in Jesus Christ as Savior and have not been Scripturally baptized by immersion, we will arrange for you to participate in believer’s baptism and thus become a member or our church.

  1. By Letter:

By promise of letter from another Southern Baptist Church indicating that you are a member in good standing. Upon joining Lenexa Baptist Church, we will request a letter from the previous church.

  1. By Statement:

Prospective members will be received upon profession of faith in Jesus Christ indicating that they have been baptized by immersion in a like believing church.

We believe in making all spiritual decisions publicly, so we ask that all candidates for membership come forward during the invitation time to unite with our church. We will pray with you and help you to begin the process of getting connected to our church family.