Church Membership

The Membership Process

You become a member of Jesus Christ’s church when you are born again. We do not have local church membership because we have a different set of standards than Jesus Christ. Rather, we have membership requirements because we want to be sure that those joining us are truly born again and understand the beliefs and expectations of LBC. To that end, we have a simple three-step process for those desiring membership at LBC.

  • Step 1 is to attend our Discover LBC class.
  • Step 2 is to share your conversion and baptism testimony with one of our pastors. Only someone who is truly born again and Scripturally baptized can be a member of LBC.
  • Step 3 is to come forward in any one of our services so we can introduce you to your new church family.

If you are ready to begin this journey of discovery, sign up for our next Discover LBC class. We look forward to seeing you there!

Discover LBC

Discover LBC is a one-time class that recurs almost monthly. It is open to anyone that is interested in learning more about Lenexa Baptist Church and it is required for those wishing to pursue membership.

The class lasts 60 to 90 minutes. We want you to understand more about how LBC operates and what we believe. To that end, we will present our fundamental beliefs and you will have an opportunity to ask any questions about LBC.

While the class is necessary for those desiring membership with LBC, attending the class does not make you a member. It is just one of three steps in the membership process.

To attend a Discover class, please register below.


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