Church Membership

The Membership Process

If you wish to join the family of believers here at LBC, we have a simple 3 step process.

Membership Class

Membership Conversation

Membership Celebration

To find fulfillment in life, every Christian needs to be part of a church family. Paul teaches in 1 Corinthians 12 when a person trusts Jesus Christ for salvation, he or she is made a member of the body of Christ. For a church body to function properly, all its “body parts” need to be present and working. It’s not enough to just attend a church; Christians should be involved in some type of ministry to others, using the spiritual gifts God has given them. In order for Lenexa Baptist Church to accomplish all that God intends for us to as a church, we need those He sends to be committed family members, willing to share their gifts, abilities, personalities and experiences.

We believe church membership is a necessary and important step for every believer because it represents a statement of commitment to our Lord and Savior and to His church. To help you make an educated decision about membership at LBC, we encourage you to attend Discover LBC. This course will help you understand how commitment to the local body of believers at LBC will help you fulfill your calling in Christ.

Discover LBC

Discover LBC is our membership class and together we will discover your purpose, LBC’s purpose, LBC’s practices, and your next steps. If you wish to move forward with membership, we would like to meet with you to discuss your personal testimony and baptism, formulate a next steps action plan, and answer any questions you still have. As such we encourage you to come prepared with your testimony written out. If you have never done this before or would like some fresh ideas for how to do this, visit Finally, committing to a local body of believers is a big decision and the fact that you have chosen to join the LBC family is something we want to celebrate. We want to introduce you to your new church family, so we ask you to come forward on a Sunday of your choosing.

If you are ready to begin this journey of discovery, sign up for our next Discover LBC class. We look forward to seeing you there!


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