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Jim Fruth serves as the Executive Pastor at Lenexa Baptist Church and joined the staff in January 2017.  Jim leads our team to ensure we’re honoring the mission of our church with all the resources, time, and talent the Lord has given us. He oversees all of our ministries and our organization as a whole. Jim has a deep affinity for numbers, but at heart, he just loves working with people. Jim is driven and intentional, but leads with grace and wisdom.

Jim has his roots in Indiana and is an alumnus of Purdue University.  After a brief career in law enforcement, Jim spent 27 years working in the green industry for what is now known as SiteOne Landscape Supply.  He started as a branch employee and in his final days was honored to serve as the President of the West Division of SiteOne.  

Jim and his wife Sue were married in Elkhart Indiana in 1995 and they have three fantastic kids, Sam, Sarah and Mike. Jim enjoys everything that is family focused or outdoor related. When the two are combined, it is a great day!

 Personally and professionally, Jim aspires to be an excellent steward of relationships and resources for God’s glory.  All scripture has its work in Jim’s life and one passage he holds dear is: 1 Cor 15:10a   

“But by the grace of God I am what I am, and His grace toward me did not prove vain”.

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