Worship Testimonial

Collin and I joined the worship choir in January 2013, a few months after we started attending LBC. We were newly married and had recently moved to the Kansas City area. We were excited to have found a great church and wanted to get involved in a ministry where we could serve together. I had just finished a master’s degree in piano and had grown up singing in choirs. From the first Wednesday rehearsal, we knew this was the ministry for us. Not only did we enjoy singing, we felt welcomed into a warm, loving community.

Over the past four years, we have been blessed by being a part of the Worship Ministry. There is something special about joining together in worship with believers of various ages and walks of life. It is a small picture of the larger body of Christ. Although we have enjoyed participating in special programs like Kansas City Christmas, we look forward to singing every Wednesday and Sunday. The emphasis on bringing our best offering to God every Sunday is something unique that we really appreciate about the Worship Ministry at LBC.

God has used music to speak His truth into our lives and strengthen us spiritually. It is amazing how the words from a choir song have come back to us at just the right time. We have been encouraged in our prayer life as we take time to pray for the needs of choir and orchestra members at each rehearsal. It is wonderful to be part of a ministry that prays for, supports and celebrates with its members. When our son, Noah, was born, we were amazed by the love that was shown to us by the choir and orchestra family.

Collin and I are so thankful that God led us to LBC and provided the opportunity to be involved in the Worship Ministry. Choir rehearsal continues to be a highlight in our week. Between the music, devotional thoughts, prayer time and many laughs, we always leave uplifted and encouraged. As we walk through all of the joys and challenges of life, it is a blessing to know that there is a loving community of believers journeying alongside us.

-Collin and Alison Drat