Adult Sunday School Testimonial

One of the biggest reasons we began attending LBC 10 years ago was because of the amazing children’s programming. But, now that we’re seeing our daughter move into middle-school classes and our 4th child graduate out of preschool, we realize LBC and the Young Families Ministry is a training ground where we are learning to do life and serve Christ as a family. Not just as a family of six people, but all the members in the church as part of a family.

We’ve always been part of Sunday School and found people we can experience life with. Our family has relationships from Sunday School that blossom outside of Sunday mornings. We laugh with each other as we share stories about our kids, swap parenting advice and challenges, and pray through both praises and pains for and with each other. When Jess had hip surgery last summer, we had people from our Sunday School class as well as people we knew through Upward, Awana and the Wednesday night children’s ministry bring us meals for weeks! They checked in on us often and were constantly praying for her recovery. People we weren’t even close friends with were living out Biblical hospitality in our lives through the local church.

We appreciate the focus on equipping us as parents to take the lead in our family and our children’s spiritual lives. A core element of that is in strengthening and maintaining our marriage. We recently attended Family Life’s Weekend to Remember thanks to Pastor Seth and Annie, and what a blessing that was. That weekend helped us to focus JUST on our relationship, and NOT talking about the kids’ last Upward game or what activities were coming up the next week. Just us. We recharged our relationship batteries, set some goals for our marriage and our family for the upcoming year and could talk through and strengthen some weaknesses that were revealed, too. We picked up so many applicable, Biblical truths to work on in our marriage and family life. But maybe the best part was coming back to church a few days later and everyone asking how it was, saying how much they missed us in Sunday School and how glad they were to see us again. We MATTER to people, and that is an incredible feeling to have.

LBC’s Young Families Ministry has been so significant in our lives and the lives of each of our children.  We love having and building a community of people around us that challenge us to be better parents, a better husband, wife and couple. We love that our children’s best friends and biggest role models are those they see every Sunday in the halls and classrooms of LBC. But most of all we are excited that we, as a family, are being equipped to serve Christ and others together in this local church and anywhere the Lord may lead.

-Aaron & Jessica Ingalsbe