High School Testimonial

What do we love about LBC’s High School Ministry? How much time do you have? In all seriousness, there are a number of things we appreciate about this ministry. First and foremost is the attention and energy given to making disciples from an early age. During our first visit to LBC, it was obvious that this is a church that invests in the next generation and deals seriously with the command to make disciples. We agreed as a family to jump in to all the youth activities to take advantage of the purposeful nature of each gathering. We devoted ourselves to Sunday mornings, Sunday evenings, Wednesday evenings, camp and anything else that was offered. We wanted to see it all. It goes without saying that we have not been disappointed. Our boys love LBC, the friendships they’ve created and the leaders who invest in them with the passion required to capture a high school student’s attention.

In that sense, the HS program’s efforts to make disciples are really an extension of the leadership’s vision and the foundational expressions of that vision in the younger kids’ programs. This holistic approach is not only admirable but effective as well. We, as parents, are so appreciative of the opportunity we have to partner with LBC in the task of investing in the next generation. We take our boys’ spiritual education and growth very seriously, and LBC has proven to be the perfect partner to maximize those efforts. The fruit of our combined investment is visible in the servant-minded and mission focused attitudes we see in our sons. They truly understand the responsibility to go make disciples. Thanks LBC!

-John Newsom