Single and Parenting Testimonial

This past year I had the wonderful opportunity to be a part of the Lenexa Baptist Church’s Single and Parenting class. The content and the materials (videos, workbook and weekly discussions) were such a “God thing.” It was exactly what my children and I needed just at the right time. I looked forward to this class each week as it gave me such strength to keep moving forward in a positive way. Trusting in God for virtually everything was and still is the biggest lesson to learn.  God provides, always, and He will NEVER leave us. This class became a second family to me.  It was a safe place to share in some of the deepest pains, fears, experiences, hopes and successes.  I felt so welcomed, loved and accepted by everyone in the group, especially by the teachers whom I consider mentors today. After the divorce I was at such a low point and consumed with fear of being alone. I questioned HOW I was ever going to make it as a single mother. But God knew. He guided me here, and I am ever so thankful. This church is committed to helping guide us as Christian parents and walk through life with us.

-Grace Hageman