Kidz Testimonial

We all have days when it’s tough to muster a smile, and it’s hard to do all the things on life’s “to-do” list. On those days, I can be tempted to skip any event or activity that requires me to leave my house or to drive anywhere. My bed is my BFF, and the couch isn’t too far behind. The truth is, that thought has crossed my mind on a Wednesday night and Sunday morning, too.

“Let’s just watch church online,” I say with a hopeful tone. That way I can stay in my pj’s and not worry about my hair. A few years ago, my children might have agreed to this suggestion, but now, the slightest whisper of missing church brings a rousing “NO!” from our children. It is in that moment that we know, God has us where He wants us; our children are happy and excited about church!

The Elementary Ministry program at Lenexa Baptist Church ministers to our two youngest children. Our son, now in the later part of 5th grade, is almost as enthused to be participating in the mentoring program on Wednesday nights as he is in his efforts to become a 4-square master when he’s there. His focus has begun to shift from the crafts and games of younger years, to showing God’s love to the younger ones and on growing in his own spiritual walk with the Lord. His enjoyment of this program is rivaled only by his Sunday morning classes where there is a heaping dose of biblical instruction and a dash of silliness and fun to keep him smiling. Both of these programs allow him to interact not only with his peers, but with adults that he respects that model love and Godly accountability.

Our daughter is in 2nd grade and she loves the friendships that she is forming. We hardly get to holler goodbye as she waves over her shoulder and races in each week to give out hugs amongst the gaggles of giggling girls that skip around together and sit shoulder to shoulder. She does not miss us when she’s there! She is beginning to see how the dots connect as she learns more about the Bible and as the love of Jesus and the character traits He desires in us are reinforced in the teaching, crafts and games. We love the confidence that she is gaining in her knowledge of the Word AND in the adults that lead her. What a blessing it is to see her smile as she walks into the church building.

As parents, we know that a true test of what works for us is if our children are safe, happy and learning. The leaders in the Elementary Ministry program have spent so much time getting to know our kids that they are learning their strengths and passions and encouraging those areas of their life. How pleased we are to have others besides ourselves watering those seeds that God has planted in their lives. We have peace knowing that in the moments when we feel like we might be drifting off course, the leaders at LBC are behind us to help right the ship. We thank God for bringing us to a church that has fun and faith expertly intermingled.

-The Carrin Family