Early Childhood Testimonial

Just three years ago, my husband Quinn and I cautiously checked in our two-year-old and newborn at the Early Childhood Ministry desk. We were visiting LBC for the first time. A large part of choosing a new church family depended on if our children would be loved, cared for, and most importantly, spiritually fed wherever we attended. A few weeks in, LBC felt like home, and we wanted to serve. I attended the Early Childhood Ministry Teacher’s Training meeting shortly after Mrs. Jennifer Huddleston became the director. I will never forget her explaining how much of the brain structure is established by the age of three.

The foundations for thinking, aptitudes, attitudes, etc. are laid in these first years. And we, as volunteers, have the honor and privilege of being a part of shaping these precious young minds. Therefore, even in the youngest class with little six-week-old infants, the lovely volunteers are speaking scripture and God’s love over them. And it is evident! I am amazed how much our children learn through all the interactive songs, crafts and play. They are consistently sharing new Bible stories and how they can apply them! Nothing warms a mother’s heart more than her children playing in the living room, reciting God’s Word to themselves or singing songs about Jesus’ love to their baby sister to keep her from crying.

Since joining LBC, we’ve had another child. Each Sunday, we witness the sincere love of our church family. All three of my children are greeted with smiles and known by name. One of them can struggle in groups without his parents because of his shyness. But, from the director all the way to his Sunday School teacher, our family is given assurance and strategies to build him up. When we run into his teacher in the hallway, he always stops to share all the little victories he had that morning in class. I am forever grateful for the support and peace of mind this gives.

After experiencing the Early Childhood Ministry at LBC, I can no longer say, “I am taking the kids to ‘childcare,’” because it does not describe what my children are experiencing each week. I am taking them to church — where the gospel is proclaimed in ways they understand, and God’s Word is etched into their hearts and minds for a lifetime.

-Stephanie Carr