Grand Bahama Island

In Response to the Hurricanes that devastated the Bahama Islands, Lenexa Baptist is planning to send a Missions/DisasterRelief team of 12-16 people to Grand Bahama Island from December 15-21. The team will partner with other Southern Baptist teams to reconstruct a Baptist church that was destroyed by the storm so that it can then be used to minister to the people of Grand Bahama, many of which are homeless and have no way to care for themselves.

Construction skills are important but not required, you must be in good overall health and willing to work wherever you are needed in support of this mission.

There will be an informational meeting on Nov. 10 following the 11:00 worship services in room 224.  Time is short, so please contact Brian Rothrock or Pastor Kelly if you need additional information or if you are ready to commit to this trip.

December 15-21, 2019
Contact: Kelly Hughes
Contact: Brian Rothrock