Mission Trip Testimonies


I have always struggled to evangelize, on this trip I was able to share the Gospel through an interpreter.  Now I’m excited to find opportunities to share the Gospel more.

I truly experienced the presence and power of the Holy Spirit at our last worship time when the new believers were introduced and greeted, it was one of the most powerful things I’ve ever experienced.

God really showed up in a big way with supporters so I could go on this trip.  He needed to break down the wall of my pride that I should “do it myself” and when I finally committed and stepped out in faith the waters parted.

I learned that even in areas of poverty and despair there is hope in the Gospel.

I have a new boldness to share the Gospel.


I had some medical issues that caused me to question whether or not I should go, I stepped out in faith knowing that God had control over the issues that I had little control over.

I was so impressed with how God is using Compassion International to bring children and their families to Himself through the local church.

The experience helped me to overcome my tendency to be timid and see people, not as strangers but as brothers and sisters in Christ or as people who need Christ.


I really enjoyed reaching out to the community and praying for them.  I saw the focus of my days as so much more than my “daily routine” because God has a purpose and plan for my life.  I loved being part of a team of believers from Lenexa Baptist that wanted to serve Him.

When you submit yourself to God and express the desire to serve, He can use you for His purpose, His plan and His glory to reach others and you also receive the blessing.

When you meet some of the basic needs of an individual it gives you the opportunity to listen to that person, pray with that person and maybe lead them to Christ.

God is ready and willing to open doors for His love and His word to be shared wherever we are willing to go.

I learned that a mission trip is a blessing beyond what I imagined.  I have asked God to show me other trips that I can participate in, ministries that I can be involved in and that I will be on mission with family and friends.


God wanted me to be on this trip, it is not a coincidence, I’m so glad I was able to go.

As we submitted to His authority and to those leading the trip, we saw that God was using each of us every moment for His good whether it aligned with our personal itinerary or not.  He brought together a perfect group of folks for each step along the way, blending us together to carry out His purpose.

For me there was a continued encouragement to live daily life on mission and to encourage other to do the same.  I love being able to join in short term journeys but I find that I don’t want the journey to end when I step off of the plane.  I hope to continue to incorporate the “mission trip” mentality into myself and the lives of my family.


I learned that God is nowhere near done with my story and that I need to pursue Him even more.

It doesn’t take a whole lot to bring a conversation back to Christ.

It made me realze that I have a greater purpose with my life and I want to share the love of Jesus with more and more people.

Every conversation you have can be turned into a gospel conversation.

I didn’t know what to expect, but it was great.

Houston (youth trip)

You don’t have to go out of the county to do missions!

God always knows what’s best even if it is not what you wanted at first.

God perfectly orchestrated this trip, we had plans to go somewhere else but He made plans for us to go to Houston.  He is big and faithful and able to accomplish amazing things.

He knew that we needed to serve the people of Houston, He always knows what is best.

I learned that places in the US need a lot of help and that God is there for all families in need.

I learned how easy and important it is to share God’s Word.

I learned that I need to wear more sunscreen and be more outgoing to the people that I’m serving.


His presence in in Haiti and the people there are on His heart, He is working and moving through them.

I saw the passion and the energy for the work of the Gospel, I saw in some of the Pastors and our translators and other believers that God has His hands on Haiti.

I learned that I need to be always looking for opportunities to share the Gospel of Christ and to be more intentional.  I need to live with an eternal passion rather than a temporary contentment that is meaningless.

I learned that serving others doesn’t necessarily mean having to do something big. It’s the little things like your smile, words of encouragement, willingness to go the extra mile with others that helps you to clearly share the love of Christ.


I learned that God has a purpose for me in His Kingdom no matter what is happening in my life.

I learned that God can use us in amazing ways when we are faithful to follow Him.

God is working powerfully through the local missionaries to create an evangelistic and disciple-making culture in Asia.

I saw that anyone with a commitment to serve Him can find ways to serve effectively.

I feel called to be more transparent and public about my faith and my Savior.

I need to trust God rather than myself, I need to be more in prayer and in the Word in the weeks and months that lead up to this trip.  The enemy tries to distract us to diminish our preparation, I need to trust God that He has chosen me to be part of this trip for a specific reason.