Seasons of Celebration 2017

Seasons + A Simple Gathering + one Fabulous Meal AND dessert + Gifts Galore = SEASONS of Celebration 2017!  Thank you to all who honored us with your presence at our lovely event last Friday evening.  If you missed it this year, do not miss it next year!!  We pray that each of our attendees walked away fully equipped to embrace the holidays ahead and to keep your focus on JESUS!  We pray that they enjoyed the light-hearted moments of Making Something Yummy with our very own Ethel and Lucy, and also the Small Wonders segment with our special speakers whom we are sure will soon be invited to appear on QVC!!  And that the more serious moments such as Let it Snow with Holly’s beautiful words and the singing of Winter Snow by lovely Liz Bell, followed by my own words to Wrap Someone With Love and the reminder that we cannot imagine How Far Love Goes as Brooke sang so sweetly . . . that each of these thoughts resonated deeply in hearts.  The evening would not have been complete without our gift-delivering Elves and Cathy Dudley’s careful orchestration of those moments.  We will hope to see you again next year as we welcome Jesus into our homes, our hearts, and our holidays.  Go forth and wrap someone in HIS love this Christmas.  As I said in my closing prayer . . .” Forgive me Father for all the times I have ‘uninvited” You to Your own birthday celebration.  May this year be different. Oh come, let us adore YOU!” -Sandy Badgett

Bethany Morgan

Lemons and Lace Reflections | Lisa-Jo

I listened, laughed, and loved all her words and especially related to being a “sweatpants girl” in a skinny jeans world!  Never Unfriended is a must read for women of all ages. . . . Susan Brown

Just Iike there is no such thing as too much chocolate, I believe we can never have too many friends! Lisa -Jo convicted me to hang up my Queen of ” I’m fine” cape and be vulnerable and honest and available ..ala sweatpants style :). . . . Karen Offill

The Lemons and Lace women’s event with made me laugh at motherhood again. Sometimes I feel so stressed and weary as a mom and it brings relief to know I am not alone in this struggle. We laughed at our “little humans,” and chatted about how God is the ultimate Friend. I learned I need to slow down and enjoy those little moments with my kids, even the imperfect, messy moments. God has given me superpowers to be the exact mom my kids need. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! . . . Sara Jennings

I sat there, listening to Lisa-Jo’s words, and kept wishing that my daughter had been sitting beside me to receive this message.  She so needs to hear those words on Mothering / that it IS Kingdom work that we are doing . . and then I stopped and said to myself, “No, I need to hear this message!  My OWN heart needs to receive these words.  My ‘duckling’ may be all grown up with little ducks of her own, but she is still following in my footsteps.”  . . . Janet Owczarzak


I felt like I had been to a $100 per ticket event / but I had only paid $10 for my ticket! It was THAT amazing! thank you for all you did . . . Gail Stroup


Saturday was filled with so much laughter and so many meaningful words by Lisa-Jo and Sandy . . . I hope those who chose the morning were convinced we care about women and friendship. It was like a spa day for our souls! We are all so vulnerable and so desperate to connect with one another. Your team created the environment for opening our hearts and to being encouraged.

Thank you! . . Cathy Dudley


I forget how beautifully your team always decorates for our events! You always strive for excellence.  thank you! . . . Anonymous—-too many to mention!

Be Apart of Our Team

Interested in volunteering in our LBC Women’s Ministry? There are so many places where we might use your hands and heart . . .

Join our prayer team and pray for upcoming events and moments.

Assist in  greeting at one of our big events.

Join our decorating team for our next big event!

Assist in the hospitality needs that are necessary for each of our bigger events.

Let us know if you have ideas that you might share?

We would love to hear from you!

Remembering Seasons of Celebration

Remembering Seasons of Celebration

Ladies . . what a beautiful night of celebration we enjoyed Friday night, November 11!  All glory and honor and praise be to God for what He allowed nearly 400 of us to experience!

We learned that while the world draws us to “entertain,” God calls us to show hospitality; we were reminded that before we welcome Christmas into our homes, we need to sweep the sin out of the corners of our hearts; we smiled and imagined a young girl in her angel costume running with abandon and exuberance to see the baby at the manger; we were challenged to offer intentional, purposeful gifts this holiday season, and to consider “gifting with a purpose”; we listened to a precious story of one who had the privilege to “take Jesus” to a family in need and were encouraged to go and do likewise; and remembered that before we “take Jesus” anywhere, we must KNOW Him in our own hearts.    The food was amazing, the peppermint brownies were a delight, the music enveloped every corner of our heart, and the beauty of the room cast a glow upon us all.  Oh Come Let Us Adore Him.   Thank you to all who attended and to all who helped make the beauty of the evening a reality.

With thanksgiving in my heart, Sandy Badgett

LBC Women’s Ministry Director

Renew For Moms

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The purpose of Renew for Moms is to offer mothers of young children a time of renewal and authentic connection with other mothers, while encouraging them as women, equipping them to parent and sharing the love of Jesus Christ.

Renew for Moms meets on the first and third Thursday of each month in the Koinonia Hall from 9:00 am – 11:00 am. Join us this year as we explore issues of mothering like nutrition, discipline, organization and friendship.

Renew for Kids is the program provided for children during our Thursday meetings. While each mom is being encouraged and equipped through Renew for Moms, our screened caregivers are enriching the children through Bible stories, snacks, playtime and crafts.

Click the button below to see videos of Renew get together and testimonies from moms.

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If you have questions or need more information contact the Renew Ministry Director.

In case of inclement weather, Renew follows the Shawnee Mission School District closings.



Our ministry to the women of Lenexa Baptist Church takes place in small moments, in small locations . . . and in big moments, in larger venues. Small moments occur when two friends share a cup of coffee in the cafe, or a whispered prayer request is verbalized in a Bible Study, or as an arm is wrapped around a friend in a quiet hallway, or as laughter explodes over a humorous remembrance shared. Big moments happen as a crowd of women gather for inspirational speakers and music, or as new friends become ‘old’ friends around a beautifully decorated table, or as women of all ages and relationships come together for tea. LBC Women’s Ministry is simply about encouraging women to Seek, Share and Serve.

“But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.”  Matthew 6:33

Bible Studies

Bible Studies are open to women of all ages and seasons of life.  Studies are typically held on Tuesday mornings, Tuesday evenings and Wednesday evenings in the summer, fall, winter/spring.   A variety of studies are offered giving women a choice in the length of the study, authors, writers, and time commitment levels.  Bible Studies are a beautiful way to connect with friends . . . and with the One True God.


As God’s word commands in Titus 2:2-5, the Apples of Gold women’s groups provide an opportunity for younger women to be mentored in a loving, caring environment by women who have already traveled the path they are on. These groups meet in homes each week as they grow in God’s word.


Events are held each quarter to inspire, challenge and create moments of enjoyment for women as we share the love of God. CoffeeTalks, Mother-Daughter Teas, Tables by Design, Seasons of Celebration, LIVE Simulcasts, and others . . . all offer our women moments of laughter, inspiration and joy!