Remembering Seasons of Celebration

Remembering Seasons of Celebration

Ladies . . what a beautiful night of celebration we enjoyed Friday night, November 11!  All glory and honor and praise be to God for what He allowed nearly 400 of us to experience!

We learned that while the world draws us to “entertain,” God calls us to show hospitality; we were reminded that before we welcome Christmas into our homes, we need to sweep the sin out of the corners of our hearts; we smiled and imagined a young girl in her angel costume running with abandon and exuberance to see the baby at the manger; we were challenged to offer intentional, purposeful gifts this holiday season, and to consider “gifting with a purpose”; we listened to a precious story of one who had the privilege to “take Jesus” to a family in need and were encouraged to go and do likewise; and remembered that before we “take Jesus” anywhere, we must KNOW Him in our own hearts.    The food was amazing, the peppermint brownies were a delight, the music enveloped every corner of our heart, and the beauty of the room cast a glow upon us all.  Oh Come Let Us Adore Him.   Thank you to all who attended and to all who helped make the beauty of the evening a reality.

With thanksgiving in my heart, Sandy Badgett

LBC Women’s Ministry Director

Nancy’s July Update

When do I get to promote to my new grade?  That is the burning question in Sunday school this summer.  The answer – August 14th!   We will “promote” the kids to their new grade on Sunday, August 14th.  More information will be coming.   The second big question in Sunday school is  “Where does wisdom come from?”.  We will tackle that question as we finish our study of David and begin to study wise King Solomon.  They will learn that wisdom comes from God through His Word.  We are so blessed here at LBC to have gifted Sunday school leaders prepared each week to help your kidz learn God’s Word and grow in true wisdom.   Keep joining us on Sunday mornings this summer as we seek to grow in true wisdom (and have some fun along the way.)


Nancy Meyers-Harvey

Sam’s July Update

Hey Parents!

I wanted to remind you that it is not too late to sign up for Kanakuk Kampout! Kanakuk KampOut is a one-week, high-energy, Christian day camp experience from Kanakuk Kamps.  Kids will have a blast flying down the zip line, scaling the climbing wall, bouncing on water inflatables and joining in high energy worship.  KampOut is coming to LBC July 25-29 from 9:00 to 4:00 pm.  Cost is $235.00.  Space is limited and spots are filling up quickly, so don’t delay in signing up your child. You won’t want them to miss this incredible opportunity! Register today:


Sam Sievers

Cassity’s July Update

Please join us for the July Parent’s Night Out!

If you have a child with special needs you are invited to bring your child(ren) to the July 15th Parent’s Night Out event. Siblings are welcome! Enjoy a respite evening from 6 p.m. – 9:30 p.m. The earliest you may drop your child(ren) off is 5:45 p.m. Snacks and activities (inflatable, crafts, sensory room, etc.) will be provided. PLEASE feed your child/children before coming. Please contact me via e-mail at or by phone at 913-375-6183 (call/text) with any questions and to R.S.V.P. We look forward to seeing you.


Cassity Griffin

Jennifer’s July Update

Our Early Childhood classes are continuing to learn about all the things God made this month. He’s about to find out the very best thing that God made—people. The look on a preschooler’s face when he learns that he’s part of the creation story is priceless. God made it all, and God made him. And God made you. Spend some time in front of the mirror with your preschooler and thank God for everything you see. Thank Him for your eyes to see, your nose to smell, and your teeth to bite yummy pizza. Thank Him for that crazy cowlick that you got from your grandma on your mom’s side and that extra dose of freckles you got on one cheek. Thank Him for things that make you uniquely you. Remember, God made you. You are His creation, and He loves every single hair on your head—even that crazy curly one. For more ideas about sharing the creation story with your child at home, check out our LBC Kidz Facebook page throughout the month for simple fun activity suggestions.

Jennifer Huddleston

Sandy’s June Update

One of our recent Bible Stories in our Pre-K and Kindergarten ages led us to the book of I Samuel and the story of Hannah and her son, Samuel.   We were reminded of this woman who released, who offered, who let go of her precious son in obedience to God’s direction.   Hannah reminds us that it is never easy letting go of things you have loved deeply.  Those are the words that have kept resonating in my mind and heart in these last weeks and as I write this even today.  In the last months, I have sensed God leading me, guiding me to ‘lay down’ the ministry position that I have held for these last 6+ years to the children and families of Lenexa Baptist Church.  He has directed me through His Word, through His people, and through the circumstances of my life, so my only response must be obedience.  I will step away from my role as KIDZ Place Director on June 15th, 2016, but I will still be very present at Lenexa Baptist Church.  God called me to ministry twenty-nine years ago, in the very beginning days of what would become LBC.  I think of that each Sunday morning as I remind my large group of small disciples that “God created me ON purpose and FOR a great purpose.”  That is His heart-cry for each of us, that we might find what on earth we are here for and how we might use that to impact the Kingdom of God!


I will have more words for you in the days ahead.  I just needed to say this much today.  Know of my great love for each of our families, and for your children; each one has impacted my life and caused me to long to know Him more intimately. God used the words from Acts 26:16 to speak to me many years ago when He said, “Arise (Sandy) and stand upon your feet for I have appeared to you for this purpose; to make you a minister and a witness, both of the things your eyes have seen and the things I will yet reveal to you.”   Thank you for being part of my journey, thank you for the privilege of sharing ministry with you. I pray that I might always be found faithful.

With love and thanks, in Him, Sandy Badgett, KIDZ Place Director

Sam’s June Update

Hey Families,

You do not want to miss Family Fun Night on June 15th from 6:00 – 8:00pm. We will meet at Electric Park located at 95th and Loiret Blvd in Lenexa (overflow parking at Sunflower Elementary). This will be an evening for you to come and enjoy food, fun, family and fellowship. Hope to see you there!


Sam Sievers


Nancy’s June Update

As we study about the first earthly kings of Israel, we will learn that Jesus is our true King forever, and He rules over the world.  At lunch after church (or as you drive to the next activity), ask your child questions about what earthly king they talked about, was he a good king or a bad king (and why), and ask who is our TRUE king?  Hope this helps spark some great conversations that will help you plant seeds of faith in hearts of your child.  Thanks for sharing your child with us each Sunday!

Also, it’s not too late to dive in with us and join the fun for Vacation Bible School!  It’s a fun filled week of discipleship that can impact your child’s life forever.  You don’t want to miss it!  Sign up online using the link on the LBC homepage!


Jennifer’s June Update

God made everything. That’s the simple truth your preschooler is learning for the next two months.  Those pretty flowers you passed the other day—God made them. That dog curled up at your feet—God made him. That sweet little girl you tuck into bed each night—God made her. God made everything. When is the last time you really thought about that? When is the last time you sat outside, looked around and said, “Wow! God made all this! Thank You, God!” It’s awesome and overwhelming to think about all God made. And, it’s even more incredible to think that He made you. Yes, He made you, and He loves you. Spend some time in Genesis this month. Read about how God made it all and say thank you.


This month let your child wake up to, “Rise and shine! It’s a new day to enjoy all that God made!” Remind your child often that your favorite thing that God made is THEM!


Since God made everything, let’s turn Drive Time into a fun game of, “Look What God Made!” As you drive along, take turns naming things you see by saying, “God made the (name what you see)” and then see if you can name what day it was made.


Pretend your bathtub is a large sea. Seas need waves, right? Show your child how to make waves by slowly opening and closing his legs under the water. How cool is that? Talk about how big seas can be, but that God is even bigger, because God made the seas! Wow!


Cuddle up with your child and pray. “Dear God, the Bible says that You decide how many stars there will be and that You give each of them a name (Psalm 147:4). We think that is so amazing! Thank You for making the sun, moon, and stars, but even more than that, thank You for knowing our names and for taking care of (name of child) and me too. We love You, God. In Jesus’ name, amen.”


The Shape of Me and Other Stuff by Dr. Seuss is a super fun book about shadows. Check out a copy and read it with your child. Look at all of the fun shadows together. Next, go outside on a sunny day and look for your own shadows. Talk about how light makes shadows, and God made the light!


Jennifer Huddleston

Sam’s May Update

Hey All,

Can you believe that May is already here? I am excited about all the things that are going to take place here at Lenexa Baptist Church this Summer, but one of the things that I am most excited about is our Wednesday Night Programming (6:00-7:30pm)! This summer kids will learn to trust God and follow Him more closely as we walk through the story of Exodus!

Also, there are still a very limited number of spots available for children wanting to attend Kanakuk Kampout this summer. It will be an action packed week that you will not want your kids to miss! If you would like to sign up, please visit to register.