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Sam’s February Update

I am excited to give you a quick peek into what is taking place in our large group worship hours on Sunday morning. We are currently studying the church wide curriculum Made for More! It has been a tremendous blessing to me and hopefully to you as well to see your child embrace the idea that God has created them for more!

This past week we learned about the Purpose God gave us to be on Mission for Him. So to help equip your child to share the gospel, we gave each of them a wordless bracelet. We have already received stories of children using the bracelets to share Jesus with their friends.

Each week your child will be studying the same theme you are. This is a great opportunity for you to talk with your child about what God is teaching you. I hope that you and your family continue to see that God made you for more!

I count it a privilege to partner with you as parents to make excited disciples!


Sam Sievers

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Sandy’s February Update

Your preschool and Kindergarten age children have 4 Basic Truths which they recite every Sunday morning.  Our younger friends in Early Childhood learn the first 3 as well, and those are . . . God made me.  God loves me.  and Jesus wants to be my friend forever!  These are such very simple tenets or beliefs of our faith.  We add a 4th Truth with the older . . . God created me ON purpose and FOR a great purpose.  I so love that your little ones are learning this foundational truth at such an early age.  We have been studying the great men of faith in the Old Testament like Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses We have seen so clearly God’s interaction in each of their lives.  God had a specific purpose and plan for each of these men, and He does for you, and your child.  We as a church long to undergird the faith that you are encouraging in your own children.  We pray that you are pouring these truths into your children’s heart every day!


Psalms 139:14  love in Him,


Mrs. Sandy Badgett


Nancy’s February Update

Who can keep God’s laws?  That is the “big picture” question that our 1st through 5th graders will focus on in Sunday school during February as they continue their journey through the Bible with the Gospel Project.  We’ll be learning about the Ten Commandments, God’s rules for sacrifice from Leviticus, worshiping only God, and God’s covenant with the Israelites.  Through these accounts our kidz will learn that no one can keep God’s law perfectly except Jesus which is why we need Jesus as our Savior.

Don’t forget that information about your child’s lesson for the week, along with a simple idea for a family activity or discussion can be found on your child’s activity page each Sunday.  Take a moment to check it out to help extend the learning at home.  And, periodically stop by the Gospel Project timeline in the children’s area to have your child show you where in the chronology of the Bible we are and check to see all that they have learned.  It will be a blessing to you and your child.

It’s a blessing to get to work with your kidz and our dedicated team of Sunday school leaders each week.

Joyfully serving Him,

Nancy Meyers-Harvey



Celebrating all the “pink” relationships in our lives!  We prayed for “beauty to reign and for God to be glorified” at our recent Tea event!  From the comments we are receiving, I believe God graciously allowed us to achieve that goal for our nearly 500 women attending!!  Beautiful decor, wonderful food, amazing words and music, more thoughtful etiquette lessons, thoughtful video moments that made us laugh, or cry, and tiny girls on the platform singing “I’m a little teapot”!   Laughter . . . JOY.   I was told that little girls gasped when they walked into the room, “oh this is so beautiful!”  And that teens had so much fun!  While older women sat with tears in their eyes as they reflected on the power of friendships/relationships in their own lives.   

–“The morning could not have been more perfect!”

–“The Mother Daughter/ Friend tea was so special.  We had great fellowship at our table, the food was delicious and the entertainment was precious, plus the decorations were fantastic!  You and your staff did an amazing Job!  Thanks for the wonderful memories . . .”

–“The most delightful women’s event I have ever attended!”

Tea for 2 is simple . . . tea for 480 is a little more complicated.  We are so thankful that God honored us with His presence . . . praying that sweet memories will remain!  (Comments by Sandy Badgett)


Girls’ Night In friends…I pray that you are still remembering the beautiful moments we shared at our Girls’ Night In event this past weekend.  What fun we had together!!  Several have said to me…”I learned so much.  I thought it would be mostly young women, but it was a wonderful blend of all ages.”  “It was simply SO relaxing!”  “When can we do that again?”  We so appreciate the time and effort that all our speakers and breakout leaders poured into this one small evening.  Faith McDonald set the tone for the whole evening with her reminder to lay aside the “housekeeping” aspects of Proverbs 31 and aspire to embrace the godly virtues of character and conviction that are outlined in these few short verses.  Rachel Pheffer offered us such wonderful fashion tips and allowed us some moments to simply laugh!  April Okken was able to get a crowd of nearly 300 moving and stretching to music…such fun!  And each of our breakout leaders were amazing…Scarves, Essential Oils, Decor, Cooking 101, Quiet Time, Hair, Money Smart Kids…I spent moments in each session and know that each leader spent countless hours prepping for their brief moments with you!  Thank you to each of these.

And thank YOU for choosing to come and participate!!  We are here to serve the women of LBC and we pray that you were “served” well.  If you have a comment to share about the evening…please simply reply to this email!  We would love to hear your reflections.

With love and thanks, in Him, Sandy Badgett, LBC Women’s Ministry Director

LBC Celebrates Pastor Steve’s 25th Anniversary & Retirement

Anniversary Header Pics

By Brent Hoskins, The Journey at LBC

For 25 years Pastor Steve Dighton has led the congregation of Lenexa Baptist Church (LBC) with unparalleled devotion, preaching from the church’s pulpit around 1,300 times directly from God’s Word, just as he was called to do. He has prayed for LBC’s members and countless others. He has a seemingly infallible ability to greet members by name, despite the significant number. He has shown dedication, compassion, humor and generosity. Above all, however, Steve Dighton — the man from humble beginnings in Ada, Oklahoma, led to Lenexa to build the conservative flagship church in Johnson County, Kansas — has daily shown a love of the Lord that is inspiring to all who know him.

On Saturday, Feb. 21, more than 1,000 members of LBC and friends from across the country gathered to express their gratitude and love during a special day in honor of Pastor Steve and his wife Mary, marking the occasion of a new phase in their life journey. Culminating months of transition as Chad McDonald becomes the new senior pastor on March 1, Pastor Steve is transitioning into retirement after 25 years of service as LBC’s founding senior pastor, now becoming senior pastoral advisor. In his new role, Pastor Steve will preach at least 10 times each year. He will also be available to coach and mentor Pastor Chad and the campus pastors. In addition, he will be available to advise and assist other SBC churches as needed.

The Feb. 21 celebration began with a reception in Koinonia Hall allowing LBC members and many friends from outside LBC — including a contingent traveling from Ada — to express their personal thanks and appreciation to Pastor Steve and Mary. The lengthy reception line was an unmistakable testament to the impact the Dightons have had on the lives of others over the past 25 years. A two-hour celebration followed in the Worship Center, in part showcasing the talents of the LBC choir and a number of soloists, so often praised by Pastor Steve through the years. There were also solos performed by former member Fran Jacques and former LBC worship leader David Stanley, who returned to Lenexa to join the celebration.

As the celebration got underway, Pastor Steve welcomed those who had gathered for the special evening. “It is really a night of celebration; of God’s great favor on our ministry and what we have enjoyed in serving you here at Lenexa Baptist over these past 25 years,” he said. “I want you to know I am grateful for every one of you. It says in Philippians 1:6, ‘He who began a good work in you will bring it into completion in the day of Jesus Christ.’ As I thought about a verse that was really fitting for this evening, it seemed that the Lord directed me to Psalms 118, verse 23. It says this, ‘This is the Lord’s doings and it is marvelous in our eyes.’ And the very next verse says, ‘This is the day the Lord has made, let us rejoice and be glad in it.’”

Pastor Steve then began to recount the history of LBC, beginning with the milestone of Jan. 21, 1990, when Westside Baptist Church voted 78 to zero to call him as senior pastor. The next year, the church became independent of the sponsoring church, Emmanuel Baptist, ultimately changing the name to Lenexa Baptist Church in 1994. Throughout the celebration, he shared memories of the challenges, transitions and victories of the growth of the church, eventually leading to the three-phase construction of today’s LBC, now with 6,000 members.

In addition to the songs performed by the choir and soloists, the celebration featured videos of a number of honoring messages from Southern Baptist pastors and leaders. They included such dignitaries as Dr. Jack Graham, pastor of Prestonwood Baptist Church in Dallas, Texas; Dr. John Yeats, executive director of the Missouri Baptist Convention; Dr. Bob Mills, executive director of the Kansas Nebraska Convention; Thom Rainer, president and CEO of Lifeway Christian Resources and author of the 2005 book that features LBC, Breakout Churches; and O.S. Hawkins, president and CEO of GuideStone Financial Resources and a former pastor of Pastor Steve’s hometown First Baptist Church of Ada.

There were also video testimonial tributes to Pastor Steve from two long-time LBC members and servant leaders, John Lauster and Jim Stockwood. In his testimony, Stockwood noted that during the first message he heard Pastor Steve preach he wrote down 30 scripture references. “My wife asked me, ‘What did you think?’ I said, ‘The man preaches nothing but the Word of God and God is going to honor him; we’re going to raise our children here,” he recalled. “That’s been almost 18 years ago and a lot has changed in this church since that time, but I have seen God’s sovereign hand of blessing on this church and on Pastor Steve.”

Near the end of the celebration, Mary Dighton addressed those who had gathered, sharing her memories and reading tributes from family members, referring to Pastor Steve as the “man of my dreams, the man of my forever.” She also cited the four main goals of Pastor Steve in recent years that have now been achieved: (1) To see 2,000 people baptized at LBC; (2) To see the church become debt free; (3) To consistently have more than 3,000 in attendance each Sunday; and (4) To find the right successor.

Returning to the pulpit following Mary’s comments, Pastor Steve took the opportunity to share words of encouragement for his successor. “Mary touched on that last goal of mine; to find the right successor, and boy did I get one,” he said. “Chad McDonald is my dear friend and nobody is more thrilled about the next chapter in this wonderful church. As you know, he has a humble spirit, he is a visionary, he cares about people and he is an excellent preacher. I am convinced this church is going to prosper and do great things and I am honored to have him follow me as the next senior pastor at Lenexa Baptist Church.”

Jennifer’s February Update

Jesus loves me.

That’s the Bottom Line for this month in our Early Childhood ministry. It’s what we want our kids to know. We throw that phrase around a lot, don’t we? Songs have been written about it. Cards have been created that say it. However, have you ever looked into a mirror and said those words? Try it. I dare you. Look at your reflection and sincerely say, “Jesus loves ME.” Jesus loves YOU. He loves you with a passion that you can never comprehend. He loves you so much that He died for you—for you. He loves you. He loves you when you’re at your best. He loves you when you’re at your worst. He just loves you. Savor that thought during this month of love. Every time you see a heart, say to yourself, “Jesus loves me,” and then remind your kids of the very same thing.

Throughout the month of February we will share stories about people Jesus loved like the woman at the well and Zacchaeus.  We will help our little ones begin to grasp that Jesus loves everyone, even when we’ve done something wrong. He loves us when nobody else does and we can tell others about Jesus’ love for them.  If you haven’t already done so I encourage you to “like” our LBC Kidz Facebook page so you can hear more about what we are doing each week and find a link to view our weekly Bible story videos with your kids at home.

Seasons of Celebration/Reflections

Words of encouragement regarding our Seasons of Celebration event in November are still being shared from the nearly 400 women who attended.

  • “what a blessing to hear Mary Dighton speak!”
  • “such a balanced amount of serious and fun”
  • “so warm and inviting”
  • “a very inspirational time”
  • “the night was filled with excellence!”
  • “I will let go of my expectation/burden to make ‘perfect’ holidays . . . and simply appreciate the perfect moments”

Each thought so beautifully shared.  Twinkling lights, beautiful music, holiday tables, decorating ideas, fabulous food, powerful words, moments of laughter . . . all a prelude to the holiday season.  “Come.  Do not waste the wonder of the holidays on anything less than what really matters most” Jesus.  Ann Voskamp