Lemons and Lace Reflections | Lisa-Jo

I listened, laughed, and loved all her words and especially related to being a “sweatpants girl” in a skinny jeans world!  Never Unfriended is a must read for women of all ages. . . . Susan Brown

Just Iike there is no such thing as too much chocolate, I believe we can never have too many friends! Lisa -Jo convicted me to hang up my Queen of ” I’m fine” cape and be vulnerable and honest and available ..ala sweatpants style :). . . . Karen Offill

The Lemons and Lace women’s event with made me laugh at motherhood again. Sometimes I feel so stressed and weary as a mom and it brings relief to know I am not alone in this struggle. We laughed at our “little humans,” and chatted about how God is the ultimate Friend. I learned I need to slow down and enjoy those little moments with my kids, even the imperfect, messy moments. God has given me superpowers to be the exact mom my kids need. When life gives you lemons, make lemonade! . . . Sara Jennings

I sat there, listening to Lisa-Jo’s words, and kept wishing that my daughter had been sitting beside me to receive this message.  She so needs to hear those words on Mothering / that it IS Kingdom work that we are doing . . and then I stopped and said to myself, “No, I need to hear this message!  My OWN heart needs to receive these words.  My ‘duckling’ may be all grown up with little ducks of her own, but she is still following in my footsteps.”  . . . Janet Owczarzak


I felt like I had been to a $100 per ticket event / but I had only paid $10 for my ticket! It was THAT amazing! thank you for all you did . . . Gail Stroup


Saturday was filled with so much laughter and so many meaningful words by Lisa-Jo and Sandy . . . I hope those who chose the morning were convinced we care about women and friendship. It was like a spa day for our souls! We are all so vulnerable and so desperate to connect with one another. Your team created the environment for opening our hearts and to being encouraged.

Thank you! . . Cathy Dudley


I forget how beautifully your team always decorates for our events! You always strive for excellence.  thank you! . . . Anonymous—-too many to mention!

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